BΞARZ is a deeply integrated storytelling collection, which synergistically links fantasy RPG and digital collectibles. Our core is strongly rooted in community and faction allegiance.

The Armory


The armory is an innovation on the loot crate reward system. Each week, we will allow our holders to recieve both digital and physical rewards inside our holders portal. The more bearz you hold the more crates you will recieve.

BeyondNRG x Bearz


Formulated for mental performance, Beyond is a supplement made for the digital generation as we head into a new era of connectivity.

  • Sugar-free

    A healthier alternative to energy drinks.

  • Less than 20 cals

    Easy to fit into your current diet.

  • Natural Caffeine

    Sourced from the green coffee bean.

  • High in vitamins

    Contains 16 Vitamins and Nootropics.

// Web2 brands monetize off you

// Web3 brands monetize with you

The Look


Our limited edition Merch drop is available now for 72 hours only.

While stocks last.

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