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At BΞARZ, we feel that doxxing is important, since we are being trusted to hold and use the ETH to power a successful project. In return we should be at the very minimum doxxed enough to the community, that you should know who you are investing in.

Billy Bear


Billy Webb - Co-Founder & Business Developer

Millennial entrepreneur and multi-brand owner such as Beyond NRG and one of the largest vape companies in Europe. I’ve built brands since as long as I can remember, with a solid track record of taking products from concept to shelf ready. On a more personal side note, I do enjoy spending some time with my little boy and I play high level competitive paintball. I fell into crypto investing in 2019, but fell in love with the NFT space in 2021. My aim and purpose on this project is to develop BΞARZ into a super-brand of the web3 world. Through Beyond, I've been able to collaborate with multiple blue chip brands and aim to bring the contacts and similar business ethics into the web3 space and build our passion with our community by our side.


Jamie Hall - Co-Founder & Lead Developer

I'm a lead web developer with 10 years of solid industry experience & ex professional esports player, I've been in the crypto space since 2015 and moved over to the world of web3 technology in 2021. Working daily with Billy both in Web2 and Web3 I aim to deliver the same high quality experience from those web2 projects in the NFT space.

Billy Bear
Billy Bear


Abe Viljoen - Co-Founder & Lead Artist

I live and breath art and design and have 20 years professional experience across multiple styles. I currently play my trade as a creative director and have been in NFTS for just over 1 year with multiple projects across the space, whilst all doing this from my hometown in beautiful South Africa.


Alec - Advisor

As someone who's always had odds stacked against me, I've been able to push through and succeed. Getting injured during my college basketball days led me to begin learning about the crypto space in early 2019. This passion then got me into the NFT space in 2021. Since discovering the NFT space, I stepped away from my web2 career to pursue NFTs full time as a brand consultant and advisor.

Billy Bear
Billy Bear


Guy - Head Moderator

I am a final year business student that is majoring in marketing. I have been in crypto since late 2019 and in the NFT space since august 2021 and let me tell you what a ride it has been up until now. I've had my fair share of moding experience during this time and have learnt lots about the space and how it moves. My main focus is community building as I believe it is not only important for projects but for the space as a whole as we are the pioneers of the future of this NFT scene.

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